Dr. Hnin Hnin Aye
Head of FCST
Daw Thaw Thaw Soe
Dr. Tin Zar Zar
Daw Ruby Naung

Daw Ei Mon Mon Aung

Offer Subjects

Subject Code Field  of Study
First Semester Second Semester
CST-101 _ Digital Fundamentals (I)
CST-203 Digital Logic Fundamental (II) + Advanced Data Structure _
CT-205 _ Digital System Design (I)
CT-206 Electrical Circuit (I) Electrical Circuit (I)
CST-303 Data & Computer Communication (I) Computer Networking
CT-304 Electronics (I) Electronics (I)
CT-305 Linear Control System (I) Digital System Design (II)
CT-306 Electronic Circuit (II) + Assembly Language Assembly Language
CT-403 Introduction to Microcontroller Introduction to Embedded Systems
CT-404 Computer Architecture Computer Architecture
CT-405 Control System (II) Cryptography
CT-406 Computer Networking + Computer Security Introduction to Computer Security
CST-502 TCP/IP _
CT-503 Computer Architecture and VHDL Programming _
CT-504 Embedded Systems Design _
CT-505 Image Processing and Computer Vision _